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Chairman's Message

First established in 1993, Kangaroo Kids International Preschools has opened its first franchise in Bahrain.  With locations in over 6 countries comprising more than 150 schools, it is evident that the proven system of teaching is unparalleled.  Early education is a significant factor in a child’s life, which builds the foundation stone for their journey through adolescence.  By introducing a well-established international institution to Bahrain, I am confident that our world-class education will benefit your child immensely.  To shape the minds of tomorrow's dreamers and believers, we have adopted a curriculum and pedagogy to enhance the critical thinking of your child.  Here your child is not only a listener or a learner but also a key participant in the academic process through interactive learning.  We have created an environment where children learn and grow through intentional learning tools and kits specifically designed for the holistic growth of your child.  I wish the preschool great days ahead as we focus on an all-encompassing value-oriented preparation for the meaningful futures of those who join our family at Bahrain Buds Kangaroo Kids Kindergarten.

Good Luck!

Dr. Varghese Kurian

Delivering through
Fluidic Learning Methodology

Our Learning System is agile and fluid, keeping in mind the dynamic world our children are growing up. We believe that each child is unique and they bring in their own sets of strengths. We focus on them as they learn motor skills and explore how their world works. With Fluidic Learning Methodology, the what, how, and when to learn remains highly flexible and runs smoothly. It is a more adaptive way of learning through teaching that goes beyond traditional learning.

Our Five Pillars

  • Spiral STEAM Program

    STEAM fields are the areas of science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics. The process of reinforcement in learning is a key feature of our STEAM Program. Each return visit has additional objectives and presents fresh learning opportunities with keen attention being paid to both the scope and sequence of topics.

  • Math Program

    Children are provided with multiple opportunities to hone their mathematical skills, across the different strands of Cardinality, Counting, Comparing, In Base Ten, Operations and Algebraic Thinking. This ensures that children are able to apply their math skills in a range of contexts, and also helps to grow mathematical confidence. The curriculum is not just for math skills, but also to nurture the child.

  • Enrichment Program

    Children work on projects that relate to both their interests and the concepts that they are learning acquiring a deeper understanding. They are given opportunities for creative production in art, science, and engineering where they blend digital and physical resources to explore ideas, learn technical skills, and create new products.

  • Creativity Program

    At Kangaroo Kids the creativity is developed through dance, music, musical instruments and drama they express their thoughts, feelings and ideas and engage with their peers and the community at large. Children develop a variety of skills through exploring different sensory materials and investigating the processes and concepts presented to them.

  • Language Program

    Our children are provided with opportunities to acquire, comprehend, interpret and present information and consequently, become an effective COMMUNICATOR. We believe that practicing writing gives children a solid foundation to spell and write letters, words, phrases and sentences. We provide developmentally appropriate, multisensory strategies for early writing.